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Pursue Your

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Pursue Your Passion ($5.00)

Deinma Afiesimama

Passion, that seven-letter word, the scent of perfection, a strong feeling or belief, that which dominates your thinking and causes you to influence change; passion, your gift or talent, a situation you hate and want to change, that which keeps you awake while others are asleep and drives you to deep desire; passion; the indicator of your purpose, the unseen force behind the actions of men, the fuel that keeps the vehicle of your vision running. Oh, what the world would be without men of passion...

Rich Vs Poor ($3.00)

Deinma Afiesimama

I regularly looked out for the World's Rich List as published by the Forbes Organization to know how they fared on the Wealth Premiership Table. I considered King Solomon, the wealthiest man who ever lived until Christ and sought to know his source and why wisdom can equally be found in the heart of the poor and they remain that way. I wanted to know what really was the source of Mansar Musa of the Mali Empire's wealth who historians tell us was so wealthy in his time he made gold an ordinary commodity in the market place.

101 Transformational Nuggets ($3.00)

Deinma Afiesimama

One of my most inspiring books of the bible is the book of proverbs. Indeed it is laced with wisdom and common sense for daily living and fruitful existence and if men would spend quality time to read and meditate on the wealth of wisdom in it, many more treasures and virtues will be unearthed and exhibited in our time.

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